The ghosts of Munich and the birth of the modern Olympics

The XX Olympics in Munich in 1972 — not those of ancient Greece or the first modern Olympic Games — are the rightful parentage of today’s Olympics. It was in Munich at the height of the cold war that Palestinian terrorists shocked the world by storming the Olympic Village and murdering 11 Israeli athletes in […]

The Second, Real ghost stories from a haunted house in Alaska: The Hand & the Headboard

This is an unedited version I submitted to a podcast called “Something Ghost” by Lex Wahl, Ep. #154. This contains some pictures of the property, sketches and recreations of circumstances exactly where feasible. This is my second total story about living in a haunted house in Ketchikan, Alaska, which was on an Avenue […]

Ghost Hunting

Take pleasure in The Ghost Hunting Expertise

The upsurge in recognition for ghost hunting and the paranormal in common has been spurred on by the huge number of reality shows and films that are created based on this very same subject. Viewers are invited to witness paranormal goings on in numerous locations, some of them […]

Animal Collective Knows Some Energetic Ghosts

First things first: Maybe we forgot to tell you that Animal Collective has a radio show now. It’s true! They do. And when they are not making prank phone calls to inform local pizzerias that the refrigerator is running, they are using the time to debut new music. Panda Bear hosted last night’s episode, and […]

Peter Schjeldahl: “Ghosts in the Machine” at the New Museum

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Shirley Maclaine 'hated' her Downton Abbey period costumes

The period costumes may be one of our favourite aspects of eyes-glued-to-the-TV hit Downton Abbey, but it seems not all the cast members were such fans.

Oscar-winning American actress and series 3 newcomer Shirley Maclaine has revealed that she ‘hated’ wearing the extravagant 1920s fashion on set whilst filming the upcoming season.

The […]

Rancho Camulos – APRA Paranormal Investigation

January 23rd, 2010: APRA was invited to conduct an investigation of Rancho Camulos in Piru, CA with the International Paranormal Study Orginization IPRO & San Diego Ghost Hunters SDGH. This footage was shot throughout the walk via and Investiagtion of Rancho Camulos with the American Paranormal Analysis Association APRA. Unique Thanks to Rob & […]

Definitely need to check out this new video from our paranormal investigation last night with the news crew, a lot…

Certainly need to have to check out this new video from our paranormal investigation final night with the news crew, a lot… – by paranormalguy1 (Dan LaFave)

First-responders to horrific scenes fight own ghosts, quietly

The atrocities encountered July 20 by emergency responders at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., are difficult to fathom.

They might be even harder to forget.

That’s according to a team of local emergency responders who faced a similar horror here nearly six years ago.

“Seems like it could have just happened yesterday,” said Bob […]

Party hopes selection sounds death knell for Fisher's ghosts

Mal Brough arrives with his wife Sue for today’s LNP Fisher preselection at Caloundra RSL. Photo: Harrison Saragossi

Liberal National Party branch members for the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher, hope today’s preselection will bring an end to the “sometimes woeful” attention that has surrounded the division in recent times.

The seat […]