Preview: Illumini’s Dickensian Hauntings

It’s still a month away, but an exhibition that involves Dickensian weirdness, tales of the macabre and sinister subterranean exploration deserves your attention now. Illumini, who two years ago brought abandoned Tube stations, gothic crypts, secret bunkers and buried rivers to the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall, are back with a new show at the […]

‘Paranormal Activity 2′ Trailer

For much more info on ‘Paranormal Activity 2′ go to:

Dirty Ghosts, 'Katana Rock' — Video Premiere

Tell All Your Friends PR

Dirty Ghosts‘ frontwoman Allyson Baker is familiar with the ins and outs of concerts, performing and punk rock. The Canadian artist has been a guitarist in the hardcore scene of both Toronto and San Francisco for years, and now she’s stepped up to the microphone with Dirty […]

Do ghosts and spirits exist?

Is there any truth in the Chinese folklore that during the Zhong Yuan festival the gates of hell are opened allowing all wandering and suffering spirits to enter the earthy realm?

Stanley Koh, FMT

Do ghosts or earth-bound spirits exist? If so, why do they exist? Is there any truth to […]

Seeing Spirits In Period Clothing/Residual Hauntings (With Surprise EVP!)

A little discussion on residual hauntings and asking for your feed back. Have you ever seen a ghost in period clothes? Do you believe in residual hauntings? Listen at three:12 also…I think I caught an evp??!! I didn’t hear this till I was watching this video the day I uploaded it! Subsequent week I […]

Orlando routes help Frontier to expand

This November, just ahead of the Thanksgiving rush, Frontier plans to begin flying from Orlando to Columbia, Mo.; Shenandoah Valley, Va.; Trenton, N.J.; and Greensboro, N.C.

Such a strategy of targeting smaller airports passed over by larger carriers is also used by Allegiant Airlines, which operates out of Orlando-Sanford International Airport in Seminole County.



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Ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night

Gemma (36) recounts all manner of incidents, things that go bump in the day and night, names being called out by disembodied voices, spirit sightings and a spirit ordering a cup of tea during a seance at Ayscoughfee.

Most chilling of all, Gemma tells the story of “an evil spirit so intent on harassing a […]

Mass Grave Raises Ghosts From the Past

It was four gray skulls resting on a bed of jumbled bones that again triggered Chea Nouen’s memories: breast-feeding her baby with her hands and feet shackled; her husband thrown into a pit to be turned into human fertilizer, her own marches to the killing fields — where she […]

Disturbing Insane Asylum Paranormal Ghost Hunt Investigation

Watch us uncover feasible paranormal activity from a single of the most haunted places in the US Rolling Hills Asylum. What will the paranormal investigators uncover, what will you see? Please subscribe! Video Rating: four / five