Ghosts, forgotten graveyards, heroes and rogues come alive on Dayton walking tour

Downtown Dayton is still a place where a ghostly convicted killer strolls Third Street to his gallows, flood victims race to safety and you can hear the distant shoe taps of phantom chorus girls who won’t quit burlesque past death.

On your own, you won’t see them. But with Leon Bey, the ghosts, business moguls, […]

Hebron veteran awarded Purple Heart

World War II veteran Joseph V. Gonzales, who was wounded twice in battle, was honored with the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, his daughter Brenda Earley said.

A marksman, Gonzales saved a letter from former President Harry Truman thanking him for his service in the U.S. Army.

Gonzales, whose wartime assignments included Germany and France, […]

Leanne Talks.. Paranormal Experiences & Beliefs.

I hope you guys enjoyed my 1st ‘Leanne Talks..’ video. Please leave recommendations, comments and your personal paranormal experiences in the comments beneath! Cabra Castle ghost photos: Cabra Castle pay a visit to and stay photos: Dublin Ghost Bus pictures (orb pics): – Sigma makeup brushes: – Thunder + […]

‘Ghosts’ hard to find because of drought

‘Ghosts’ hard to find because of drought

A small herd of pronghorn watch warily from public lands in northwest Colorado. Widespread drought has animals moving in small family groups as they compete for the few waterholes available.

A small herd of pronghorn watch warily from public lands […]

Celebrities describe their ghosts of Christmases past

As we come closer to Christmas, it isn’t always the holiday we remember. Sometimes it’s something triggered by the season.

For Scott Bakula (“Men of a Certain Age”) it was his first performance at Christmastime that gave him the idea to become an actor.

“I was in the seventh grade. I did a big, huge […]

Ghosts of Christmas past

It was 1 a.m. on Dec. 20, and an eerie silence had settled over the Historical Museum in Palmyra — a night far different from that of 48 years ago when a fire ripped through a small home and claimed the lives of six children and their mother.

For the group of ghost […]

A Haunted House Official Red Band Trailer (2013) – Marlon Wayans Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING Quickly: A Haunted House Official Red Band Trailer (2013) – Marlon Wayans Film HD Malcolm and Keisha move into their dream property, but quickly learn a demon also resides there. When Keisha becomes possessed, Malcolm – determined to hold his sex life on track – turns […]

Your Funds: Seeing the ghosts of mutual funds passed

No one cries when a mutual fund dies. There is no wake. If there is an obituary — in the form of some small announcement that the investment has passed — it seldom contains information on the cause of death.

And yet, each year, hundreds of funds are closed. Counting all share classes, […]

Ghosts of Christmas and holiday hunts past

Dec. 24

It is Christmas Eve morning, a Monday, and it’s raining.

Yesterday was a lovely Lord’s Day and I had planned a hike high into the Sanctuary area of my woods with a heavy bucket of corn to broadcast about, which I had swept up from where it had spilled along the road, weighty […]

The lighter side of the Times…

It’s not all fun and games at the Times, but sometimes it is. Features stories are here to entertain first, and inform, second. Here are some of the stand-out features stories from 2012.

Published: June 3

Linden couple (and their dogs) hit the open road

Hans and […]