Scary Gmod Maps: Ghost Hunt 2 Pt. 1/3 [Co-Op]

Examine out these links to chat with us & maintain up to date on the cool stuff! Gamesomeness Twitter: Gamesomeness Facebook: Gamesomeness Steam Group: Second Channel: YES! Ghost Hunt two was released a handful of hours ago and we had been capable to do, render and start off uploading these […]

Fossil Ghosts of a Lizard's Teeth, Via High-Speed X-Ray

A souped-up x-ray scanning fluorescence technique is letting paleontologists peer into the chemical hearts of ancient fossils to reveal hidden details and change the way we see animals that lived and died tens of millions of years ago.

A new study from the U.K.’s University of Manchester describes how synchrotron rapid […]

Film crew to document Wellington haunting

Though most people remember the building located at 311 N. A St. as Wellington Junior High, it has gone largely abandoned since classes moved to a different facility in 2004. But, due to the efforts of local residents Carrie Van Pelt-Tooman and Lisa Vargas, along with their colleagues at Paranormal Investigations of Wichita, they […]

CS:S | SWITCH BACK by DANY BARON Like my facebook page please! If you enjoyed it then share, like, favorite this video & subscribe my channel! I ultimately found some motivation to make a shortmovie and I worked actually tough on it and attempted my finest to sync it nicely and make colours where you can nevertheless see the frags. […]

H.S. Girls basketball: Sophomores lead Eastside

PATERSON — Eastside’s fab five freshmen from last season now are super sophomores looking to take the next step.

And if you ask the Ghosts, the next step means winning championships.

“Their goal is to win a [Passaic] County and state championship,” Eastside coach Ray Lyde Jr. said. “I think it’s always good […]

Deadmau5 Winter Uk Tour 2011 – Live a Ultra Music Complete Set

Tracklist :00 Limit Break three:14 Some Chords ( Live Unrelased Edit ) 4:22 Some Chords 7:44 The Reward Is Cheese 10:13 Poor Selection 14:59 Cthulhu Sleeps 21:30 FML ( Intro Edit ) 28:24 Appropriate This Second 35:52 Raise Your Weapon 44:04 Sofi Demands A Ladder ( SOFI and Tommy Lee Live ) 51:05 A […]

Ghost Hunters Season 8 Episode 18 Part 1/3 – Paranormal Politics

The Civil War and a congressman’s death are part of the background the group uncovers when they visit Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, a Gothic castle-like building in Baton Rouge. Later, owners of a plantation in Charleston, SC, try to get in touch with a relative who died in an accident on the house in […]

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past: Old Chicago Christmas Photos

We love Calumet 412 for unearthing a lot of fantastic images of old Chicago. Lately the tumblr site has a holiday bent, and features a look at how the city used to celebrate Christmas. Click through the slideshow and check out more here.


Seeing the ghosts of mutual funds passed

Counting all share classes, the bell tolled for about 1,000 traditional mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that were liquidated or merged out of existence in 2012. In the spirit of year-end retrospectives about famous people who died in the past 12 months – it’s time to dip into the year’s dead pool for tales from […]

Amy and Jeannie at a Haunted House!

It is Ellen’s favorite factor to do throughout the Halloween season — she sent Amy to a haunted residence. This time she sent Jeannie with her!