Ghosts and Hauntings: Gladstone Gaol Investigation Part One (The Paranormal Guide Australia)

This is portion 1 of the Gladstone Gaol South Australia Investigation. Four teams led by Fleurieu Paranormal Study (FPR) drove out to Gladstone 200kms north of Adelaide in order to investigate this now closed gaol. Portion 1 looks at the background and the hauntings although in component 2 (soon to come) we will look at how the teams went and any evidence they may possibly have captured. We will also see far more of FPR and TPG and meet Murraylands Paranormal and Lyon Paranormal. The great soundtrack metal scoring was accomplished by Cyclosa of Adelaide. Verify them out right here: with extra themes by Kevin Macleod: http Producers of true paranormal investigation, ghost, urban legend and research movies from Australia exclusive to this channel.

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