Ghosts hunters check Thomasville house


A middle-Georgia based ghost hunting team made a stop in Thomasville, and scanned a historic structure for paranormal activity.

Georgia Paranormal Investigators are attempting to determine if the Lapham-Patterson House, Thomasville’s only National Historic Landmark, is haunted.

The volunteer organization is dedicated to researching the existence of paranormal activity. They use a wide range of methods and elaborate electronic equipment to determine if structures contain ‘spirits’ of the deceased.

The curator of the Thomas County Historical Society says while he is skeptical, having a ghost would be good for business. 

“We’re not fully sure what their findings are,” said Ephraim Rotter of the Historical Society. “They take quite a long time to review all their evidence. They came here with what I would estimate to be about $100,000 worth of equipment to try to determine if there is any activity going on here.”

Due to its architectural significance, the Lapham-Patterson House was named a National Historic Landmark in 1975.

The unique 1885 structure, which has no right angles, was built for Charles W. Lapham of Chicago.

The Lapham-Patterson House was named a National Historic Landmark in 1975, and has long been a tourist stop for the curious.


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