Highway Mothman

Highway Mothman

Highway Mothman

Highway Mothman is a fictional short story written by Guy Foster involving a Mothman encounter similar to those that occurred and were reported from Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 and 1967. The author has written several such stories to date, and although fictional, the reader will enjoy a more complete and elaborate story compared with many of the ‘so called’ actual events. Please realize that this is not a full book. It is merely a short story of some 4,000 words or so. The author has written four other such stories to date including;

“A Mothman”
“Another Mothman Story”
“My Encounter With Mothman”
“A Mothman BooBoo”

The first three stories are available as a trilogy and together run about 52 pages.

You will find all of these stories, plus the trilogy available on Kindle. All of these short stories are available individually on Kindle for .99 each. Now for a little synopsis about each encounter:

In the f

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