Top 10 Fake Ghost ‘Sightings’ (1080p)

My Top 10 Fake Ghost ‘Sightings’ from the internet. Enjoy.

@JennaArensx3 ghosts are real but the show seems fake

@JennaArensx3 ghosts are genuine but the show seems fake – by cwelz8 (Connor Welz)

Real or Fake ghosts?

READ DESCRIPTION I discovered these ghost photographs randomly. Its up to you to decide whether these are real ghosts, or just fiction. Personally, i do not believe in ghosts. This video includes pictures that CLAIM to be real ghosts and several have their personal stories behind them, so what do you think? NEW […]

video of a real ghost NOT FAKE

This current video is footage of an actual ghost appearing and creating noise. This supernatural tape has baffled paranormal authorities and is 100% true and shocking.