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Suspected headless ghost sightings 清明時節 目擊疑似無頭女鬼截車

Original caught on headless ghost 無頭鬼事件 Yesterday morning, and some teenagers were going for joyrides round town …

Best ghost photographs ever taken / Najlepsze zdjęcia duchów w histoii

The Skirrid Inn, Forest Paranormal Investigations Ghost Hunt

Promo video for The Skirrid Inn by Forest Paranormal Investigations. Wales’ oldest and “most haunted” pub. It has 900 years of rich history where allegedly 1… Video Rating: 5 / 5

[SNSD Funny Cuts] Ghost photos

[03.23.09] [Credits: Soshified] That’s such…a unique way of taking pictures of yourself. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ghost Hunters S08E16 Don’t Feed The Apparition Part1

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Real Ghost Pictures Ghosts Caught on Camera EVP ITC Paranormal

Real Ghost Pictures Ghosts Caught on Camera EVP ITC Paranormal, join us tonight on Do You Believe with Norene Balovich and Tim Wood, as they sit down with pa…

Poptropica: Road to “Captain Thinknoodles” – Ghost Story Live Stream Replay [Now Over]

Well, I have all the medals, but I’m still missing some photos… Come join me live while I grab the photos for Ghost Story Island and we can hang out in the…

Famous Ghost Stories: “The Ghost Ship” and “The Bloody Tower”

Famous Ghost Stories with Scary Sounds.

Famous Ghost Stories! With Scary Sounds – The Railroad Signal-Man

Record: Famous Ghost Stories! With Scary Sounds Year Of Release: 1975 Track Name: The Railroad Signal-Man Written By Charles Dickens Adapted And Narrated By:…