Modern Technology and Paranormal Research

Modern Technology and Paranormal Research

There has been a huge increase in the amount of people interested in researching the paranormal – specifically “ghosts” or “spirits”. Paranormal research is nothing new, but with today’s technology it makes it more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately most technology doesn’t come with separate instructions on how to […]

Scream Paranormal Research investigates Bolton Mansion

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Knickerbocker Hotel [ PPR ] Pittsburgh Paranormal Research – Part 2/2

Pittsburgh Paranormal Research Investigation video component 2 of 2 The Knickerbocker Hotel in Linesville, PA. 10/23/ten Intro music: Evanescence – Haunted View portion 1 right here Video Rating: five / 5

Dolores Cannon on Paranormal Research Nostradamus 2012 Earth Shift (Part 1/2)

Gautama Buddha as soon as stated – ” All that we are is the outcome of what we have thought. The mind is every thing. What we assume, we become. ” The Book of Psalms, Chapter 82:6 – You are Gods you are all sons (youngsters) of the Most High. Considering that we are […]

UFOTV: Secret CIA Psychic Lab Experiments with Uri Geller at SRI: Stanford Research Institute

For over 20 years, scientists at Stanford Study Institute (SRI) carried out SECRET investigations into ESP and psychic phenomena and our capability to expertise and describe distant occasions blocked from ordinary perception. This film characteristics uncommon, and till now, Best Secret footage from the vault of the CIA, of Laboratory Experiments performed at SRI […]

Florida Paranormal Research – Capt’n Con’s, Bokeelia, FL

This is a story that was ready in the course of a Paranormal Investigation at Capt’n Con’s Fish Property on Bokeelia, Florida. This is on the Northern tip of Pine Island in Lee County, Florida. The Investigation, was carried out on Wednesday April, 16th, 2008. The story was made and aired by Fox4 News […]

Haunted Jonesborough, TN – Paranormal Research

We visited a single of the oldest towns in the South, – Jonesborough, TN. . As we investigation Tennessee & surrounding for the ghost tales we share our experiences on YouTube & our main internet site devoted to the paranormal. Did the photographs we captured with mist, orbs and white shapes have something to […]

Subliminal Paranormal Research Aid – Silent Ultrasonic Track

Subliminal Paranormal Research Aid – Silent Ultrasonic Track

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Watcher at the Window (Paranormal Research Group)

Watcher at the Window (Paranormal Research Group)

Watcher at the Window is a paranormal romance adventure involving two loves a century apart. A single courageous, hopeful, and doomed the other cautious, tentative, and overshadowed by other-worldly influences. Set in the fictional little coastal town of Port Elliott, WA, it has its roots in the […]

The Science of Paranormal Research (Part 1)

Ian Murphy, Lead Investigator for the Paranormal Research Association of Boston presents his acclaimed talk at the Brookline High Scool on June 22, 2010. The Science of Paranormal Research is created to educate members of the public in the fundamentals of scientific paranormal research. It delivers men and women interested in paranormal research the […]