What is the difference between a spirit and a residual energy? & other questions

Eddita Felt, Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator answers some questions about what she does. In this video Eddita will answer the following questions:…

Classifcations 2 Hauntings-Non interactive Residual

This is the second catagory to classfiying hauntings. Video Rating: 3 / 5

Residual Haunting-Destroy The Lightning

This is A video of my band at one of our first gigs, with a song our lead guitar player Pat wrote. I hope you enjoy it……=)!!!!!! Lead Guitar-Pat (Red Explorer) Rythem Guitar-Greg (Bc Rich Warlock) Bass-John (Tanish Fender Bass) Drums-Jimmy(Me, Playing on my 1970’s 9 piece maple SLINGERLAND drumset) Well I […]

Residual Haunting Revived interview Mo Stones

Residual Haunting Revived interviews Mo Stone from Star Trek The Secret Voyage. Video Rating: five / 5

RESIDUAL – Hauntings caught on video

We were caught in an epic prank while filming a usual night in Baton Rouge.

Residual Haunting Revived at SLC Nerd 2012

The Residual Haunting Revived crew interviews some attendees of SLC Nerd 2012. Be sure to verify out our radio show and tune in reside every Monday night. And preserve your eyes out for even more fantastic movies here on our Youtube channel. Residual Haunting Revived Live Monday Nights eight:00 pm MST: www.pqrn.net Residual Haunting […]

2 Types of Haunts: Type 2 – Residual

In this scene a residual haunt happens. Residual haunts are non-intelligent hauntings that play out like recordings. They happen regardless of no matter whether an individual is there to witness them. Usually they’re only auditory. Video Rating: / five

Byzantine – A Residual Haunting 03-07-10

Byzantine @ 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown, WV March 7, 2010 “A Residual Haunting” from the album Oblivion Beckons (2008) *Last show for their in-state three show tour* Video Rating: 5 / five


Billiard sound (residual haunting)

This was captured in an old Mansion just outdoors Launceston. The residence was when a pub and we believe this may be the sound of a billiard game in progress.What some men and women would call a residual event.Listen for it at 2.05 seconds.


Residual Hauntings

Kimberly tells some stories of power imprints she saw as a kid. There is a distinction in between residual hauntings and intelligent hauntings. Residual is power left behind in the atmosphere of an occasion. Intelligent hauntings the entity is aware of his/her atmosphere. Residuals & Intelligence hollowhill.com What is a Residual Haunting theshadowlands.net Psychic […]