Real Ghost Stories – Victoria’s Haunted Poltergeist Activity Revealed

Locate me at my site Uncover me on Facebook I’ve been asking victoria to come over and discuss her real ghost story and she ultimately did. I want to know what she’s not telling me, why she was in that old film with Anna, why she would do that to Anna. The […]

My Ghost Story – Hauntings Revealed 2 (2009)

My Ghost Story – Hauntings Revealed 2 (Aired July four, 2009) 1) “The Ghost Town Reaper” Cerro Gordo, Central California. two) “Possession In The Heartland” Private Home, North-East Kansas three) “Attack Of The Phantom” The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado. four) “Haunted Plantation” Myrtles Plantation, St.Francisville, Louisiana. five) “Tabitha’s Ghost” Private House, San Diego, […]