Blue Orb Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia

Tobias McGriff leads Blue Orb Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Scary Ghost Tours – Savannah, GA

Scary Ghost Tours is the most intriguing Ghost Tour in Savannah. You view video clips on the bus’ LCD screens, from “Ghost Hunters/Tap,” “Scariest Places on …

Savannah Ghost Tours: Ghost Hunters Halloween: TAPS Visit the Sorrel-Weed House & Cemetery. Savannah Ghost Tours featuring TAPS Ghost Hunters Investigation of the Sorrel-Weed Home on their 1st Halloween Particular! Ghost Tours in Savannah a Halloween Tradition. If you are a Ghost Hunters Fan, do not miss the Savannah Ghost Hunters Tour at the Sorrel-Weed House! “Savannah Ghost Tours” “Ghost Tours in Savannah” “Savannah Ghost Tour”