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MUST SEE – Real ghost caught on camera under tree – shocking video Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators are searching ghost activities all over the world. GhostWorldTV brings you such scary videos for you. Please… Video Rating: 1 / 5

The Haunting Tape 31 (Ghost caught on video)

I grabbed the camera and thought I would just record some strange sounds but the paranormal event with the ghost girl took on a different occurrence. In the …

The Haunting Tape 37 (Ghost caught on video)

The strange sounds came from the staircase area and I did not think it would be this serious. I have never seen the ghost move toward me before and this real… Video Rating: 4 / 5


REAL Ghost Video? Haunting caught on tape

While filming the video for this week, I caught something interesting in the background. If anyone has any ideas, be sure to leave a comment. SHIRTS: http://… Video Rating: 3 / 5

Real ghost video proof 2

watch documentary at — This video is not for everyone. Since my pantry was always open in the… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ghost Demon Spirits Voices Caught On Camera 2013 Ghost Box Video #01 — Ghost Spirits & Demon voices caught on camera with a ghost box — The BEST and most intelligent Ghost Box EVP responses from…

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Scary ghost caught on tape during a motorcycle travel | Real scary ghost caught on tape video 2013

Scary ghost caught on tape during a motorcycle travel.Real scary ghost caught on tape video 2013.Real ghost on tape paranormal videos.Scary videos. Ghost Gei…

Presences of HOSTILE GHOST caught on video. High EMF readings! Being HAUNTED by an EVIL SPIRIT!

Contacting ghosts and spirits! Paranormal Investigations! Visits to haunting sites along with contacting Spirits through many strategies. Ghost can be spooky and scary at times but obsessed with the Spirit Planet. Attempting to reach my sister through the Ouija Board and any other Spirit who wishes to communicate. Have often believed that we […]