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Best Scary and Horror video Please subscribe to our channel Share on social media scary and horror scary videos scary movie scary pranks scary pop ups scary … Video Rating: 3 / 5

Real Ghost Pictures and Videos

Real Ghost Pictures and Videos A ghost has been defined as the disembodied soul or spirit of a deceased person, taken to be capable of appearing in visible f…

Real GHOST caught on tape after mortal car crash accident | Scary ghost sightings videos 2012 / 2013

Real ghost caught on tape: One person died and nearly two injured in a deadly car crash accident that took place in a road links two towns in central Spain. The video, filmed by a local TV, reveals a shocking detail… Please subscribe to our channel to get notified when we upload […]

Scary videos – Real ghost voice caught on tape! Haunted House

Scary movies – Realghost voice caught on tape at haunted nursing property. Real Ghost Caught on video! Haunted Developing crew heads to an abandon nursing property exactly where the neighborhood police departments are afraid to enter the haunted spot immediately after dark. In this scary video you will see and hear issues you […]

Ghost Videos – Scary Videos – Real Ghosts – Unsolved Mysteries – Ghost Spotted on Side of Road.flv

When a couple sees a woman lying on the side of the road, they are quite startled. No one could have guessed what this discovery led to subsequent. Video Rating: four / five


ghost pictures and ghost videos 2011

This video shows some promising ghost footage and photographs of recent ghost manifestations please rate and sub for future videos Music: Mike oldfield tubular bells theme from the exorcist `~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Disclaimer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i am not saying i own the music or videos but i have permission by the owner to upload the pics, videos, and music.