The lighter side of the Times…

It’s not all fun and games at the Times, but sometimes it is. Features stories are here to entertain first, and inform, second. Here are some of the stand-out features stories from 2012. 

Published: June 3

Linden couple (and their dogs) hit the open road

 Hans and Sasha always get excited when it’s time for a ride. The pair of German Shepherds frequently turn heads as they ride with owners Don and Shannon Turnpaugh of Linden, on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Both K9s wear protective goggles, as they ride together in a side car.

Published: February 19

Behind the scenes: Acting is a small part of the community theater experience

 At the Fenton Village Players, one play takes more than 50 people, all volunteers, to run a production. This story describes what goes into a production, from the actors, director and set design. The story highlights what amounts to a labor of love, and a cultural necessity for the area.

Published: November 11

From farm to fashion: Area family raises alpacas for fiber to create one-of-a-kind fabrics for clothing, decor

 Judy Petrovich of Groveland Township not only sews her own line of clothing, she also raises the fiber that creates the fabrics — from the alpacas that are also raised locally, at Pebble Brook Farm Alpacas, in Brandon Township. Phil and Judy Maybee tend to the alpacas, and Judy Petrovich uses an industrial loom to create her own fibers, and then her own fashions.

Published: november 23

What your purse says about your personality and how to wear it with style and good health

 Take a look at your purse, as it will tell more about you than you think. This season, fringes and imbedded crystal designs are popular, proving that the right purse can make an outfit a real fashion statement, said Nicole Bergeron of Eclections. “Purses are all about attitude,” she said in the article. She also said there are two types of people who buy purses: one who buys for its organization qualities and wears it out, and the other who uses several at once as part of an outfit.

Published: october 24

Is Holly Haunted?

Many businesses embrace spooky reputation

 Everyone loves a good ghost story. The hauntings that have reportedly taken place in historic Holly are more than just tall tales.

 Real life paranormal investigations have put Holly on the map in books like “Haunted Travels of Michigan” and “Ghost Hunting Michigan.” Three Holly businesses, the Holly Hotel, Main Street Antiques and Arcade Antiques each have a chapter in the Ghost Hunting Michigan book, and embrace the haunted reputation. Holly has also become famous on the science fiction TV channel called SyFy — making Mari-Lynn Hay, the owner of Main Street Antiques, a local celebrity.

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