The Second, Real ghost stories from a haunted house in Alaska: The Hand & the Headboard

This is an unedited version I submitted to a podcast called “Something Ghost” by Lex Wahl, Ep. #154. This contains some pictures of the property, sketches and recreations of circumstances exactly where feasible. This is my second total story about living in a haunted house in Ketchikan, Alaska, which was on an Avenue called Hawkins. This is a weird 1. I actually don’t know what to make of it. It happened at least a couple instances in that house. WARNING I am not a skilled narrator by any implies, so I repeat myself all the time, say, “huh”, consistently, and make all sorts of crazy throat noises. But, if you’re right here to hear a correct and earnest story, really feel totally free to listen and determine for yourself!
Video Rating: five / five

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